Year 6 Adventure Island

Last Friday, the Year 6 pupils visited Adventure Island in Southend to celebrate their hard work and mark the end of their time at primary school.

The pupils had an amazing time and built upon the resilience and bravery they developed whilst at residential back in October. It was fantastic to see children encouraging each other and supporting one another to be brave and have a go!


5 thoughts on “Year 6 Adventure Island

  1. mawadda

    i had the best time of my life.loved all of the rides and had an amazing time .spending time with year 6 was a memorable experience i dont want to leave

  2. Suhayla

    I can never forget that day and how i will miss primary so much I hope the future year6 live up to our standards because we st them high

  3. Maryam

    activity week was THE BEST. im so gonna miss tbp tho. ill never forget my time here.

  4. Suhayla

    We re leaving tbp I’m so sad i’ll Miss everyone I’m. SAD IM CRYING Southend was the best

  5. suhayla

    We’ve left TBP we made our mark in the world i cried when i came home i miss everyone we just left today have fun future yr6


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