Maths Week: Making Sense of Money


To celebrate Maths Week and to work towards becoming a MoneySense Accredited School, the theme of this year is the financial curriculum. The pupils have been learning how to use money safely and responsibly and have participated in workshops supported by volunteers from NatWest.

In KS1, pupils learned about how money is used, how it can be spent, saved or donated. In Years 3 and 4, pupils worked alongside volunteers to plan a party with a given budget. In Years 5 and 6, pupils became detectives to solve a crime of fraud as part of their workshop to understand the dangers of identity theft and fraud.

Alongside the workshops, pupils were also joined in class by their parents who came in to see what their children are learning about and what lessons are like at Thomas Buxton.

We were lucky to be visited by Simon from Made of Money who came to offer advice and support for parents regarding their personal finance and supporting their families. The four week course will take place every Tuesday from 9-11am from Tuesday 6th November and is open to all parents.

On Wednesday, the Year 5 and 6 school ambassadors visited Santander Bishopsgate and went behind the scenes of one of the busiest banks in London. You can find the blog post here.

Finally, pupils enjoyed Guided Reading lessons which were based on the ‘Financial Fairy Tales’ this week and learned how being sensible with and aware of money as early as possible can help them as they become older.

One thought on “Maths Week: Making Sense of Money

  1. Mrs Flanagan

    Thank you everyone for a great Maths Week. Our children and families are brilliant at bringing curiosity, creativity and challenge to any event at TBP. Our staff are amazing at making it all happen. Well done!


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