Day 2 at Little Canada


Having settled in nicely, Year 6 have been up to some more exciting activities. Here are some photos from our night beach walk/ camp fire, quad biking, tunnelling and catwalk.



We have limited internet over here on the island but we hope you’re enjoying the updates so far.

6 thoughts on “Day 2 at Little Canada

  1. Shipa

    Love you Ismail and missing you loads, have fun, Can’t wait to see you tomorrow. And all the teachers thank you for sharing us this beautiful pictures.

  2. Iqra & Zikra

    Wow ! You guys are having so much fun. I wish i was there.

    Inqiyad Bhaiya, we are missing you soooo much, Take are of you self, Be safe!

    Thank you for the lovely pictures

    Your little sisters

  3. Shamima

    Love you so much safwat and miss you lots .have fun can’t wait to see you tomorrow darling.and thank you so much all teachers for sharing beautiful photos .
    Thanks to all

  4. Suhayla

    You are having so much fun I might go next year because of all this fun my sis is having so much fun.

    From suhayla year 5 kenya


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