Monthly Archives: November 2015

Action stations, there’s been an infestation!

As everybody knows, Thomas Buxton recently had a brush with infamous arachnids! Never missing a beat, the children have grasped this opportunity by all eight legs and have come up with some fascinating and fantastic writing about what happened to the school.

Check it out!


Year 1 did some brilliant detective work labeling the key features of a spider.


Year 2 presented their information about spiders using adventurous technical language and similes.


Year 3 did an excellent recount of the event – Ms. John and Mr. Muhib were very impressed!


Year 4 covered themselves in glory with their excellent journalistic reports about the False Widow attack!


Year 5 completed some great extra homework about their experiences! My spidey-sense is tingling!


Year 6 did some wonderful creative writing about spiders using excellent imagery and Alan Peat sentences.

Well done Thomas Buxton, you have proved you can make the best out of difficult circumstances!