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Prezi: London Presentations

Year 6 have been using the iPads for the last two weeks to create some informative presentations about London. They used an app called PreziΒ to present some of the most interesting aspects of the city we live in. This has been particularly interesting and enjoyable because it has added to their current topic which has focused on exploring London and its many different facets.

Here are some of the best presentations:

This is by Mayaz:

Untitled Untitled1 Untitled2 Untitled3 Untitled4 Untitled5

Nishat and Zikra:

Untitled6 Untitled7 Untitled8 Untitled9 Untitled10

and Rema and Alisha:

Untitled11 Untitled12 Untitled13 Untitled14 Untitled15


We even had a chance to present some of our great work!