How to thrive and survive during SATs week

In Year 6, we have been preparing for SATs week which is fast approaching.  Over the week, we discussed ways to ‘thrive and survive’ the week.  In other words:  what can YOU do to make sure that every day you can give your best in the tests?  Well, this is what Ishtiyaq in Caribou Class wrote…

Many pupils find SATs stressful, others don’t,  In this text you will find the best tips to get the best results.  There are many things to take into consideration.

The Big R, H and S – Revision, Homework and Study.  To get the best results, pupils have to REVISE.  It is important that students revise their past topics to secure their confidence.  Homework is essential as it can  allow the student to practise the important parts of any topic.  Studying hard will help the student to succeed by  making the most of the teachers and resources.

Home Preparations. All pupils need plenty of sleep to get excellent results in the tests.  Getting early nights will enable students to grow and develop their brain to get the finest results.  It is vital to have a healthy diet, to get lots of glucose to provide energy for SATs.  As well as a healthy diet, pupils should also exercise – this will keep you alert and gets oxygen to the brain so it works its best.  Significantly, students should have fun to keep stress-free until SATs!

Strategies.  During the assessment students should apply what they have learnt and use the quickest method that they are confident with.  On the day the pupils are sitting the test, they can help do their best by keeping calm and just going for it!

These tips are 100% guaranteed to make a difference.  The students will look towards the future and see the fun ahead of them. Remember:  use these tips wisely!

What a helpful explanation from Ishtiyaq!

Let’s have some more ideas Year 6!  What are YOUR tips?


9 thoughts on “How to thrive and survive during SATs week

  1. Ishtiyaq

    Wow. I didn’t know my one will be on the school blog. I’ve tried the school links and it is helping me a lot.

    1. tjohn3.211 Post author

      Well Ishtiyaq, as a frequent blogger you know how helpful posts on our school website can be to our learning! And you wrote such a clear, engaging explanation we just had to share it!
      Well done!

      Miss John 🙂

    2. Abu bakar

      well it is Ishty I think your piece of writing is excellent because all of it is well organised
      so WELL DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  2. jcuthbertson2.211

    Well Done Ishtiyaq! I really like the way you have clearly organised your ideas into paragraphs. It made it very easy to follow!

    Mr Cuthbertsn

  3. Abu bakar

    I do agree Miss John,I think Ishty (google) is a bright student and I am glad to have met him+
    he is my friend which equals great advice so thanks to Ishty for all your support

    1. tjohn3.211 Post author

      What a lovely comment Abu Bakar – a great example of the way we support and encourage each other in Year 6.
      That’s just one of the reasons why you all have done so well!

      Miss John 🙂


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