Year 6 – E-Safety Posters

During the Autumn term, Year 6 have been learning all about how the internet works.

We learnt about how computer networks allow us to communicate – did you know there are cables in the oceans that send information back and forth around the world?

We also explored how search results are ranked to give us the best fit for our key words when we use a search engine.

Perhaps most importantly we discussed and learnt about the consequences of spending too much time online.

Here are some of our posters:


Chile Class at Pizza Express

Chile class were fortunate enough to visit Pizza Express this week and make their own delicious pizzas!

When we arrived, we had a quick quiz about each ingredient in a margarita pizza.  Did you know that China produces the most tomatoes in the world? We were very surprised to find this out!

We learnt how to work the dough into a pizza base and spread the tomato sauce evenly around it before our very own pizzas were cooked.


Day 2 at Little Canada


Having settled in nicely, Year 6 have been up to some more exciting activities. Here are some photos from our night beach walk/ camp fire, quad biking, tunnelling and catwalk.



We have limited internet over here on the island but we hope you’re enjoying the updates so far.

Anti-Discrimination Workshops in Year 6

This week, Year 6 had a special visit from the Anne Frank Trust for some workshops about anti-discrimination.


It gave us the opportunity to discuss and reflect on how to challenge stereotypes and exercise our right to speak and be heard.


We thought about historical events in which prejudice and discrimination caused suffering for millions of people.


In the afternoon we focused our learning on how to be safe and responsible digital citizens; learning about a wide range of E-Safety issues in depth.


Here are some pictures of our freeze-frames and ‘conscience alley’ from the day:



Interfaith Week in Year 6

Year 6 have been learning about Buddhism and Christianity during Interfaith Week (9th January – 13th January). During our RE lessons we learnt about the impact of significant stories for both faiths.  We discussed the story of ‘The Sheep and the Goats’ and how it might influence a Christian’s choices .  We also discussed the Buddhist story of ‘Kisa Gotami’ and how Buddhists may view suffering as an inevitable part of life.  We also thought about the ways in which Buddhists believe they can reduce ‘Dukkha’ – suffering.IMG_1234 IMG_1235

On Thursday, Hazel class put on a class assembly about Buddhism; telling the story of the Buddha and his enlightenment.  We were fortunate to have a guest speaker to answer our questions about Buddhism on Friday. Throughout the week, we realised that there are many similarities which draw religions together and we learnt many interesting insights into how different people practice their faiths.

IMG_2479 IMG_2482

Brilliant BMX-ing!

Today, some lucky children in Year 6 were able to visit Haggerston Park with Mr Downs and Miss Begum to practise their skills on BMX bikes.

As we arrived, the heavens opened but that didn’t deter the children from strapping on their safety equipment and practising riding standing up straight on their bikes.

Over half an hour, most children improved their balance and poise on the bikes and were able to make corners safely and move on to the actual track.

With excitement, the children began to ride around the tracks and try out different hills and jumps – there were a few tumbles, but no real accidents to speak of! Everybody kept trying and began to be more confident going up and down the steep inclines, it was a real pleasure to watch! No wheelies, tailwhips or stunts as yet, but you never know what might happen with practise!

We all had a great time, perhaps some of our bikers and other members of the school might like to try the BMX club which runs on a Sunday at Haggerston Park?

IMG_1556 IMG_1554 IMG_1545 IMG_1539 IMG_1537

Southend-on-Sea…Year 6 take on Adventure Island!

On Monday 6th June, Turtles and Meerkats made their long-anticipated trip to Southend-on-Sea!

Having looked forward to this reward for 9 months, the weather certainly didn’t disappoint the children! With the sunshine raining down on them and a cool breeze on their backs, the children set off to Liverpool Street Station at 8.45 a.m.

The children were able to witness London transform into the beautiful English countryside as the train ploughed a path towards Southend. On arrival, children chattered excitedly as we walked down the main high street – suddenly we could see the sea!

IMG_0697 IMG_0654IMG_0712 IMG_0691

Unfortunately, there was a bit of a wait once we got into the park, however everyone was very well-behaved and members of the public said (more than once!) how well-mannered and polite our children are. What a credit to Thomas Buxton!

Then, the serious business – the rides.

IMG_0694 IMG_0686 IMG_0715

Dragon’s claw. Rage. The Haunted House. Green Scream. There were almost too many to choose from but somehow, the children managed.  In groups they explored Adventure Island and dragged (the somewhat apprehensive) adults on with them. A special mention to those children who tried rides they were petrified of, screamed their heads off, but were then rewarded with a rush of endorphins and a sense of self-satisfaction!


Lunch was a pleasant affair on the benches and then there was just enough time to visit the gift shop and then a rush to the train back to school! The train journey was MUCH quieter on the way back, several children allowing themselves to drop off to sleep. Others however, plagued the teachers by spraying bubbles that just would not pop! Not to mention the sweet-stuffing competitions!

IMG_0755 IMG_0748

In summary, a marvellous day was had by one and all! Can we do it again next week?

Year 6 Activity Week

A much-anticipated and well-received week kicked off on Monday the 16th of May, as Year 6 began to let their hair down!

Teachers were greeted with excitement and commotion on the first morning back after SATs week as the children began their well-deserved week of treats!

To kick off, Meerkats class enjoyed a day of art and cooking, whilst Turtles trekked to Shadwell Basin to sample the delights of canoeing and kayaking – not to mention a good old-fashioned play in the park! A special mention to those children who managed to ‘accidentally’ fall in.

IMG_0390 IMG_0391

20160516_111059 20160516_113300 20160516_115050 20160516_121046 20160516_121048 20160516_134510

On Tuesday, everybody walked to Victoria Park (with no moans!) to enjoy an action-packed day of playtime in the adventure playground, relay races, ball games and chill out time. How good was 10, 50, 100? Exhaustion began to kick in on the way home, but all children and teachers had a wonderful day in the sun.

20160517_110956 20160517_130933 20160517_105829 20160517_114125 20160517_105553

Wednesday began with an unfortunate turn of events in that Sports Day was cancelled! Never ones to dwell and ruminate, Turtles and Meerkats made the most of the day by playing games in class, brushing up on their artwork and enjoying spending time together. The children really showed how to get over an unwanted obstacle in style!

Thursday was a role-reversal, as Turtles began their artwork for the London Project while Meerkats went to Shadwell Basin. In the afternoon, preparations were made for the upcoming carnival, as Turtles class worked with Bow Arts to produce some headdresses and collars. The artists were blown away by the children’s designs, and have promised to come back with some awesome custom-made costumes ready for the carnival.

IMG_0392 IMG_0393

Friday looms and Activity Week draws to a close, but the children are ending it with a bang by visiting Weaver’s Fields to play and relaxing with a film for the afternoon.

Well done Year 6, you have thoroughly deserved this treat and the whole school is proud of everything you have achieved!