London History Task

London History Day is celebrated on 31st May every year. The date marks the anniversary of the day Big Ben first started keeping time in 1859.

We were going to celebrate this day on 22nd May in school but as we can’t do that, here are some activities that you could do at home to mark the day.  There are also some other ideas for activities here.

Help Future Historians

We are living through an important moment in London’s History right now. One of the main ways we learn about the past is by studying sources (letters, diaries, photos, paintings, objects…).

Choose one of the activities below and help future historians understand what the Covid-19 Pandemic was like in London by providing source material for them to study.

Time capsule diaries

Your task: Capture your experiences of lockdown by keeping a diary about your life for 7 days to help people in the future to understand what life has been like. You can do this however you’d like to – a written or video diary, artwork, photos, a cartoon strip.

Outline the challenges and the positives of lockdown, stories of kindness, the new skills that you have learnt… You decide what to include, but you could use this structure to help you:

You can send your diaries into us at if you would like to share them.

Important objects

The Museum of London are collecting items to show future generations what went on during the Covid-19 pandemic. What do you think should go into the museum?

Your task: Identify an object and explain how it helps tell the story of the impact of Covid-19 on Londoners. Think carefully about what object would be most effective and persuade the museum curators to include your object. You could create a video and send it to us at or write a persuasive text. Remember to use the persuasive techniques you have learnt in school!

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