Interfaith Week in Year 5

We enjoyed a fascinating Interfaith Week in year 5 this year.  We were focused on Humanism and Christianity – we compared and contrasted both faiths and considered their perspectives regarding different topics.  We visited Christchurch Spitalfields to have a hands-on experience of Christianity – we learnt about the stories behind stained glass windows, what happens at an altar, and what it means to be baptised.

We were visited by a humanist who outlined what the belief contained and how they lived their lives using a ‘moral code’.

We spent time discussing moral arguments and situations.  We also spent time discussing the need for cohesion and understanding; we asked, “What does ‘community’ mean to us?”

We had so many questions that were still unanswered! We used a fantastic resource called ‘e-mail a believer’ to ask a Christian and a Humanist our questions.  We asked them questions about specific festivals that they celebrate, the parts of their religion that they enjoy the most and what their religion means to them.

We look forward to the next Interfaith Week!


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