Minecraft Rainforests

As part of our rainforests topic, we have been using iPad app Minecraft to create our own tropical settings.

We were set the task of creating a unique forest floor and a vast canopy.

How do you think we have been successful? What could we improve?

You can see the progression of two particularly successful projects here, by Sayem and Yamin in Ants:

IMG_0409 IMG_0405 IMG_0406 IMG_0407 IMG_0404 IMG_0408IMG_0449 IMG_0448

Here are some of our other creations:


With added rain for realism!


Great detail on the tree trunks


Most of us managed to create a dense and vibrant environment

Some of our rainforests featured water, which really made them stand out.

IMG_0613 IMG_0615

We would like to hear from everyone but as part of our shared blogging project this term, we would especially like to hear Year 3’s feedback.

Let us know what we could do to make our rainforests even better and we will continue working on them soon.

64 thoughts on “Minecraft Rainforests

  1. Yaameen , Sufiya

    Those were amazing minecraft building we wish we could be like you at building.

    1. Leon and Megan

      I think the water fall was amazing but i think you could improve the bridge.

  2. Yaameen , Sufiya Yr3

    Those were amazing minecraft building we wish we could be as good as you.

    1. Anonymous

      Great builds, we are shocked how great they are. We would love more of them great creations???? William,Noah lmps poplar

  3. Zahraa

    I like your rainforest your trees are very lush,green and bright✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️

  4. Tahia

    Well done Y5 I really like the way you created your own rainforest. I really liked it WELL Done!!

    1. Ashlee and Jaylah

      Hello, we really like your rainforest, BRILLIANT well done. Also you could make them a bit more adventurous and unique.

  5. Mr P

    Mr Poyton here. Wow. I’m very impressed. I am going to show the Year 5 pupils at my school here in Chelmsford, Essex. They will be very interested in this and maybe a little jealous that you are using Minecraft to enhance your learning in school. We do plan to use Minecraft here soon so we’ll need your advice.

    Check out the blogs on our website… http://www.lawfordmead.essex.sch.uk/

    Wishing everyone well at TBP!

    Mr P

    1. Anonymous

      You done really good at building the amazing rain forest. I’ve never seen how creative you all are. From Serenity At Lawford Mead

    2. Ehsan

      Hello, Mr Poyton! I am glad to hear that your class enjoys our Minecraft rainforests, and next time we will make them even better! We are learning about tadpoles and life cycles as well. Is your class going to use Minecraft in a lesson?

      Please reply, Ehsan.

    3. sneville14.211 Post author

      Hi Mr Poyton. Thank you for your response and thank you to all Lawford Mead pupils – it’s been lovely to see you interacting with us here at Thomas Buxton.

      We’ll be sure to respond to your blogs soon and we’d be happy to offer you all some advice for using Minecraft in class as well!

      We were intrigued to see that one of your classes at Lawford Mead is named ‘Poplar’. We assume this is named after the poplar tree rather the residential area here in Tower Hamlets… Please clarify!

      Mr Neville

    1. syeda

      well done !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Adesewa&Bobby

    Lawford Mead
    I love your use of using something fun like minecraft and involving it in your learning. Its cool we love it????????

  7. Hermione Priscilla and Courteney

    Hi we are from Lawford Mead Primary School we love your Minecraft rainforest we wish we could make stuff like you make it have to go now. Bye ✋

  8. Arifah,Caterpillars

    The pictures of Minecraft look like there has been a lot of effort. They really look mind blowing.

  9. Adil (y5 caterpillars)

    Hi people. It’s fun to make rainforests on Minecraft. I hope you have fun if you use Minecraft to make rainforests and one tip (use bone meal and saplings!)

    1. sneville14.211 Post author

      Good tip Adil. Well done to those who discovered this cheeky trick!

    1. sneville14.211 Post author

      I agree Zahraa – really lovely feedback and respectful comments. Well done, bloggers!

  10. Abu-sied caterpillars

    I really like when we made the rainforest because it was very fun. It was very fun because we did it on Minecraft.????

  11. Mohamed

    Hi thank you for commenting on our blog. It’s such a coincidence you’re learning the same thing as us, LMPS. We really appreciate your comments . Thank you.

    From Mohamed TBPS Caterpillars

  12. Aqeel TBPS Caterpillars

    Thanks for your replies, Poplar class and Y3. I enjoy doing Minecraft in ICT.

    By Aqeel in Caterpillars TBPS

  13. Mr Cuthbertson

    Thanks for all the comments LMPS! We have just looked at your blog too! We left you some comments because we have been learning some of the same things that your Year 5 Class have been learning. Well done Caterpillars the Rainforests look amazing. Which layer of the rainforest was most difficult to construct and why?

  14. Miss Dearing

    I’m impressed with the detail you have put into your minecraft forests! Well done Year 5 and thank you for all of your responses to our Lawford Mead blogs.

  15. #NEBILE

    Thank you for all your comments. I would suggest you give us some ideas about tadpoles since were doing the same topic.

  16. Zahraa TBPS Caterpillars

    Thanks for everyone who gave lovely comments thank you very much.

  17. Miss John

    Wow year 5! The virtual realities you have created are very impressive – I’m struggling to think of some next steps! But here goes… I like the way you have included some water in your landscapes – very realistic. The effort you have put into building the canopy has really paid off. The only next step I would give is to keep going! Did you know that the Amazon Rainforest covers 2.1 million square miles?

    Thanks for your comments on Lions class’s animations – look out for the Tigers’ efforts. We would love to hear your feedback.

    Miss John

  18. Amber

    Well done on making these i think they are great!
    How long did it take to complete the worlds?

  19. Harrison

    You are very good at Minecraft and I think your waterfall is amazing. I would just make your house a bit bigger.

  20. MARIE


  21. Abigail

    Omg this is extremely good especially the waterfalls. I don’t think I could ever build something like this. Well done.

    1. sneville14.211 Post author

      I’m sure you could, Abigail. Give it a try! Minecraft makes it very simple to build impressive things.

  22. Callum S (PINE CLASS)

    Well done, great rain forests, keep up with the EXCELLENT forests!!!!!!!!!!!

    My only advice would be to try and improve the bridge, could maybe make it a bit more realistic, but great effort, BEST MINECRAFT BRIDGE EVER, WAY BETTER THAN OTHERS I’VE SEEN OF MY FRIENDS!!!!!!!!!

  23. Suhayla (tigers)

    Well done year5 I think it is amazing you have wonderful teachers who help you.


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