The day we met Michael Rosen…

As part of our World Book Day celebrations last week, 30 year 5 and 6 children attended an event hosted by the Tower Hamlets Schools Library Services!

At Thomas Buxton, we held a short-story writing competition: the challenge was to write a short story in 500 words or under.  There were 30 deserving winners; they won the opportunity to see Michael Rosen performing – some of the children even got to meet him!

Michael recited some of his poetry and told us a little more about himself.  As ever, he was entertaining, humorous and above all else: inspiring!

After the performance, he was kind enough to sign some of his books for us.

Thanks Michael!



Netball in Year 5!

In year 5, we’ve been lucky enough to have Yvonne from England Netball come in to teach us over the past few weeks!

We’ve really enjoyed developing our netball skills – most of us hadn’t played the sport before!

We’ve been learning about the rules of netball, passing and receiving the ball, and how it is vital to work well as a team.

We had to really focus on our hand-eye coordination skills – it’s not as easy as it looks!

Marvellous Mantras in year 5!

Year 5 would like to wish you a happy new year!

We’ve started off the year in a VERY positive mood in year 5!

We spent some time creating our own positive mantras to help us deal with challenging situations, whether they’re in the playground, in the classroom or elsewhere.

Every time we find something difficult or challenging we are going to think about our mantra – it’s one way we have found that we can tackle problems with positivity!

Mr Hodges’ favourite is ‘Persistence is key…’ – this is vital for us to remember when we find something difficult or challenging!

Space in Year 5

Our topic this half term has been all things Space-related.

During our science lessons we have investigated how the sun’s light affects us on Earth.  We used a torch to simulate the sun and discussed how the axis of the Earth impacts on how we experience seasons.

We are film directors!

We were very excited about our production of Bah Humbug in year 5 – the children wanted to create adverts to entice our audience!

We wrote scripts, filmed each other delivering our lines and edited our films using iMovie on the iPads. Who knows, we might become famous film directors one day!

Connect and make the world a better place – code!

In Year 5 we have used logical thinking, imagination and creativity to extend a program.

A fantastic website called allowed us to create a code (a set of instructions) to design and draw a repeating pattern on iPads. We also thought about technology that has been programmed to perform a function and collected a list of terminology for parts of the programming process and a list of ‘attitudes’ that make programming possible.

We had in mind Rights Respecting Schools Article 28: Every child has the right to an education, and Article 31: Every child has the right to relax, play and join in a wide range of cultural and artistic activities. Can you think of any more that apply?

Did you know that apps only exist because of code? 

How many things can you think of that rely on programming and how many of them feature repeating patterns in some way or other?

Here are some examples of shapes we created:

What did we do well? 

What could we improve?

Comment your thoughts below!