Year 5 Computing – Scratch!

In Year 5 we have been building on our coding skills to produce algorithms that allow our sprites to speak!

We programmed the sprites using a forever loop and several blocks of code so that the output resulted in the sprite counting out loud using sound files that we recorded or sound effects from the Scratch library.

We experimented with a range of different sounds and chose the ones we thought worked best with our backgrounds and sprites.

How do you think we can develop our counting games further?

What jobs might we use programming skills in?


What it means to be a follower of Buddha?


Year 5 have been learning about what it means to be a follower of Buddha. We have learnt about Siddhartha Gautama’s life and teaching, including the five precepts and the three jewels. We then contemplated morals and ethic codes and designed our own set of rules for life or governing principles. We finished off the week hearing a presentation from a real-life follower of Buddha. We had the opportunity to interview him, in order to find out more about our topic.

Tower of London Magazines

To finish our unit on ‘Power and the Tower’, Year Five have spent the past week creating magazines about the Tower of London. We have all enjoyed the learning (particularly our trip to the Tower) and are proud of the magazines that we have designed. Make sure you take a look in your child’s bag for a copy of the magazine.

Miss Fordham and I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the children for a wonderful and memorable year. We wish you a happy and safe summer!


Leave a comment about your best memory from Year 5.

Minecraft Rainforests

As part of our rainforests topic, we have been using iPad app Minecraft to create our own tropical settings.

We were set the task of creating a unique forest floor and a vast canopy.

How do you think we have been successful? What could we improve?

You can see the progression of two particularly successful projects here, by Sayem and Yamin in Ants:

IMG_0409 IMG_0405 IMG_0406 IMG_0407 IMG_0404 IMG_0408IMG_0449 IMG_0448

Here are some of our other creations:


With added rain for realism!


Great detail on the tree trunks


Most of us managed to create a dense and vibrant environment

Some of our rainforests featured water, which really made them stand out.

IMG_0613 IMG_0615

We would like to hear from everyone but as part of our shared blogging project this term, we would especially like to hear Year 3’s feedback.

Let us know what we could do to make our rainforests even better and we will continue working on them soon.

Peer Mediation Training

Year 5 have spent the past two days participating in Peer Mediation Training. We worked in mixed classes to learn about conflict resolutions, listening and paraphrasing, emotional intelligence and problem solving. We have learnt many new skills and are looking forward to putting the into practice in the future.

IMG_0575 IMG_0576 IMG_0577 IMG_0578 IMG_0610 IMG_0611 IMG_0612 IMG_0613 IMG_0614 IMG_0615 IMG_0616 IMG_0617 IMG_0618

We Are Web Developers: Web Pages

Year 5 learned to create web pages last term by writing lines of code. Web pages are usually created using HTML (Hyper Text Mark-Up Language) – a special code which uses tags. Different tags will make different things appear on your web page. For example:

  • <img>            this will make an image appear
  • <head>          this will add a heading to your page
  • <u>                makes the text underlined


Using Mozilla Thimble, we have written HTML code to create unique pages.

Omar, Adi and Zaynah wrote code to create this brilliant web page:

Year 4 will be learning how to write HTML code this term so, Ants and Caterpillars, they may need your help!



The Story of the Two Brothers (A traditional African tale)


Early one morning, my big brother and I went out on a hunting trip. The rough, grainy sand numbed our sweaty, tired feet as the thick, clean air brushed our faces. A gentle, graceful gazelle pranced in the orange, scorching sun while a tired, jubilant zebra laid down on the dry, arid land.

On the dusty, parched path, there were three pots facing down. My older brother begged me not to turn them up. Without warning, I opened them to face up. My big brother was rigid with fear. On the other hand, I felt amazed because out came an old, magical woman. The old woman asked me to chop a tree down. As I did, out came some amazing things; bulls, sheep, cows and goats, all in flocks and herds.

As we celebrated this incredible event, we began to walk home to our village. On the way we came to a steep ravine. Our parched, dry throats longed for a drink, so we stopped. My brother said, “Drop me down and let me get some water.”

I dutifully did my job. Next he lowered me down. Instead of reaching the bottom safely I began falling to my doom! My brother had dropped me down and left me to die… Waves of betrayal crashed over me like a crane falling down.

Miraculously, menfolk from my village came and found me, lifeless, at the bottom of the ravine. They had followed a magical honeybird, who had lead them straight to me. Streams of relief trickled down my spine when they finally found me.

As the beautiful, scorching sun set, they lowered down a rope to rescue me from the steep, rocky ravine. When we came home we found that news of my discovery had made it’s way back to my village. My older brother fled before I returned and was never seen again.

Now there is a fantastic honeybird who sits in my window and I feed him every, single day.

By Tahmid (Caterpillars)


Ndebele Art

Ndebele art 2Ndebele art 1

Today Year 5 began exploring their topic ‘Out of Africa’, by studying Ndebele Art and creating our own digital versions using ‘Brushes’ on the iPads. While we experimented, we listened to traditional Ndebele music. Look out for our finished artwork on this blog in a future post.

Can you tell me any facts or information about the Ndebele people or their artwork?

Ndebele people

The Anglo Saxons

This term, Year 5 are learning about the fascinating history of the Anglo Saxons. From their arrival in Britain to Alfred the Great, we’ll be exploring their lives including what clothes they wore, what kind of jobs they did and how Anglo Saxon children grew up.saxons2

If you could ask an Anglo Saxon person any question, what would it be?? Maybe we can work out the answer together.



We will be visiting the British Museum soon ( as well to find out more about the Saxons. We will get to study lots of interesting artifacts including some of the armour Saxons soldiers used to wear, like this:


The British Museum

saxon helmet

Also, here is a great BBC website all about the Anglo Saxons. You can play some fun games to learn more about their lives and take a look at useful facts:


Mr Cuthbertson

E-Safety Afternoon: Brainstorming with Popplet

Yesterday, Year 5 aimed to improve their knowledge and awareness of e-safety, the importance of being safe online and cyber-bullying. We focused on the ways we communicate online and spoke about what we can do to ensure we use the internet appropriately.

We used Popplet on the iPads to brainstorm how people communicate using technology and everyone had some excellent ideas. One piece of work which really stood out, however, was Mariya’s, which you can view below:


The internet can be very complicated and confusing but Mariya used a colour coded system to create a brainstorm which simplified technology brilliantly, making online communicated easy to understand.

Well done Mariya!

If you have any other questions or if you are confused or worried about anything online, please talk to an adult and share your thoughts. And encourage everyone to be safe online!

Mr Neville