Our Work

Wednesday 24th June

Alfie has been hard at work again this week! Take a look at what he’s been doing below.

He’s been rounding items from his food shop!

Iqra has been working hard on her spellings and Science this week. Why not find the definition and try to use the spellings in a sentence?

Tuesday 23rd June

Sami, Adam, Mahlia and Aya (Stars) have been working hard. They have been learning how to interpret data; explaining the function of the different parts of a flower! Well done!


Monday 22nd June

Here is some fantastic work from Ismail in Warhol – great work telling the time!

Monday 8th June

Alfie has been keeping himself really busy while at home! He’s been doing lots of home learning and playing cricket in the park. Great to see you doing lots of different things Alfie!

Inline image

Wednesday 27th May

Tawhida had a fantastic time celebrating Eid. She used a silhouette to create the London skyline. She also completed a 300 piece puzzle. Great resilience, Tawhida!

Saturday 23rd May

Adam has again been working hard at home. Keep up the fantastic home learning! I love the fantastic presentation in Maths.

Thursday 21st May 2020

Zayn’s completed Maths, Reading and P4C at home this week. I like your thoughtful comment in P4C!

Wednesday 20th May 2020

A range of home learning from Iqra A. Keep up the good work!

Wednesday 20th May 2020

Rahima has been hard at work this week. She has practised her spellings, made predictions in the reading task and can recognise tenths and hundredths in Maths. She also made a rainbow to pay tribute to our NHS heroes. Well done Rahima, keep up the fantastic home learning!

Thursday 14th May

Imani made a fantastic poster for the RRS task – Article 14, focusing on how and why we should look after the planet. Well done!

Tuesday 12th May

A broad range of different learning from Adam here. I like your creativity in making your house. Remember to learn spellings really well, it helps to use them in a sentence.

Monday 11th May

Lehan has completed a wide range of learning activities this week. I like how you have tried a bit of everything this week Lehan, as it’s good to focus on all subjects for a good education.

Friday 8th May

Imani has been completing some Art and English this week. I like how you have made your summary into a comic strip, good idea.

Tuesday 5th May

Alfie has been working on a mix work from school and online sites. He has also been combining his maths and geography skills. Well done Alfie!

Hasan has been working hard on his maths skills again this week. I think maths is your favourite subject Hasan!

Friday 1st May

Lehan has been working hard this week to complete all his school tasks. I like that your reasoning in maths is very clear. Have you tried Oak Academy yet?

Thursday 30th April

Hajira has been so busy this week. She has completed online learning from school and Oak Academy. She has also been doing art (still life drawing), helping to build a fort, set up a puppet show for her siblings as well as build a sink from cardboard. I can also see she has been baking and helping prepare dinner dinner for her family. What a busy girl! Well done Hajira!

Imani has produced some detailed writing and added some WOW words along the way. Good job!

Wednesday 29th April

Hasan has completed his weekly spellings. I like how he has added some pictures, as this can really help the mind remember things better. Well done!

Iqra A has been working hard to complete her home learning tasks. Some good vocabulary choices shown in your writing Iqra. Iqra has also completed some online science this week. 👍🏻

Tuesday 28th April

Alfie has been mixing up his home learning a bit this week by, not only doing the work we set him, but he is also using BBC Bitesize, work from the Twinkl website as well as other online sites. This is a good idea as it gives you some variety to your learning. Good thinking Alfie!

Hasan has completed some fraction maths work at home. I like how you have given both possible answers Hasan. I also like how clearly you have explained your reasoning at the bottom, this is very important for future maths problems. Well done!

Monday 27th April

Lehan has been working hard this week to complete all his home learning. Keep up the good work Lehan and your great attitude to learning.

Rahima was very busy in the Easter holidays making herself a little friend from, believe it or not, a toilet roll inside. A good way to reuse things we normally throw out.

Friday 24th April

Hasan has been working on his writing this week. I like how you have included some WOW words. I’m very intrigued to see what happens next…

Thursday 23rd April

Imani has created a fabulous poster of WOW words. This would be a great display for your wall to refer to when writing stories!

Nour has completed some great home learning. I also like how you have added some artwork to your learning to make it more personal. Keep up the hard work Nour!

Maya’s wonderful homemade sketchbook. I love the messages you are sharing here.

Some more of Hasan’s home learning. Where would you go if you had the chance to ride in your hot air ballon?

Wednesday 22nd April

Iqra A has been working very hard across all subject areas. Well done Iqra, you are working hard to consolidate your learning. 👍🏻

Tuesday 21st April

Amazing inventing Naila. I can’t believe your robot can move! Well done!

Zayn has sent in some of his maths work. Good reasoning Zayn, well done for explaining why the answer is correct/incorrect.

Monday 20th April

Some more excellent work from Hasan. Can you make up your own problems with these methods as an extra challenge?

Alfie has been very busy during the holidays. I loved seeing what your little toilet roll pal has been up to. Your home baking also looks so yummy, I’ve also been baking in the holidays 😊.

Friday 3rd March

Well done Imani for you maths work. Great exchanging when using the column method and I love how you adjusted the amount of hundreds tens and ones to make 4444 in different ways!