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What have Year 4 been learning in Science?

We have made a brilliant start to the summer term in science by learning all about digestion!

This week we have been learning all about our teeth and the different roles they play during digestion:

  • Canines: for ripping food
  • Molars: for grinding food
  • Incisors: for biting and chewing food

We have also conducted a fair test to discover the damage different drinks have on our teeth. We used eggs to replicate our teeth and then left them to soak in redbull, diet coke, water, orange juice and squash and then observed the changes that occurred. We of course ensured our test was fair by keeping the volume of the drink the same in each cup!

After two days we concluded that the redbull and orange juice will cause the most damage to our teeth because of their high sugar content. We were surprised by the damage caused by the orange juice as we considered this a healthy option! The redbull caused holes in the egg shell and it began to peel away.

We will defiantly look after our teeth now!

Is royalty important?

As part of our learning on Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughters we looked at the “big ideas” at the end of the story and came up with:

  • Royalty
  • Telling Lies
  • Siblings
  • Family

We then created a P4C question which was:

Is Royalty important?

Our main points included:

  • Royalty is linked to culture
  • Royalty makes people happy
  • They cost money through palaces and expensive hobbies

What do you think? Please share your views!

Is it ever ok to have preconceptions?

This week we looked at the big idea of preconceptions and judgements.

We discussed the first words that came into our heads when we thought of Africa some included: Savannah, elephants, poverty, hot, dry and many more! However when we looked at the facts we discovered that Africa was not at all like our preconceptions.

This got us thinking is it ever ok to have preconceptions?

Our main points included:

  • Sometimes positive preconceptions can help you make friends
  • It’s unfair to judge somewhere or someone before you learn
  • Judgements can hurt peoples feelings

This fortnights sentence starter:

  • Despite this…
  • Although…

What do you think? Leave us a comment!

Is it better to be an only child or to have siblings?

This week our stimulus was Dennis Redmond competing in the 400m at the Barcelona Olympics.  During the race he suffered a hamstring injury but instead of giving up he hobbled over the line with support from his father.

This got us thinking all about support and families.

Our main points from our class discussion were:

  • It is important to have support when you are feeling down
  • Where does support come from? Is It unconditional?
  • Is it still brave to finish a tricky task or event with help?

We finally decided on the question: Is it better to be an only child or have siblings?

Please post your thoughts in the comments!


Our P4C question- Is it better to be different or the same as everyone else?

This week our stimulus was the Pixar animation For the Birds. You watch it for yourselves below:


We discussed lot’s of big ideas including:

  • Bullying
  • Difference
  • Following the crowd
  • Friendship

Before deciding on our enquiry question : Is it better to be different or the same as everyone else?

Our main points from our class discussion were:
• It is important to stay true to yourself and who you are even if this means being different
• Difference makes the world a more exciting place
• Having similarities makes it easier to make friends

Can you use our sentence starters of the week?
• I suggest that…
• Although I think you have a valid point, I believe that…

Please post your thoughts that you have had in regard to this question, we would love to hear from you!



Uh oh there’s robots landing in year 4!

This morning year 4 had to save the world from a Robot invasion, just an average morning then!

A letter arrived from an evil robot who planned to invade the planet by hacking into the world’s electrical items. We decided that we needed to be particular concerned about Alexa and Siri!

Our first challenge was to design a peaceful robot to prevent the invasion, as the evil robot refused to speak to us mere humans! They included special technologies such as; anti-gravity shoes, jetpacks and X-ray vision!

Finally we had to prove we were as smart as the robot by programming a special mini robot to travel along a route. Obviously, year four are so smart they whizzed through the task and managed to write down the coding.

Robot invasion prevented… Phew!

Cuba try their hands at pizza making!

We have topped off a busy week by attending a cooking workshop at Pizza Express. At the start we were introduced to some chefs who told us all about where pizza originates from and how you make it. Then we got messy!

We each created our own pizza complete with cheese, tomato, oregano and basil which was then put into the pizza oven for only 5 minutes.

Luckily, all our pizzas smelt and tasted amazing!


A Thames adventure

All term we have been learning about the river Thames which flows through London so we thought it was about time we paid it a visit! 

We caught a river boat from Westminster pier all the way to the Cutty Sark in Greenwich, even along the meander.

Throughout the journey we saw some amazing things, such as:

  • Tower bridge
  • The Tower of London including traitors gate
  • HMS Belfast
  • The London eye
  • and so much more!

We all had an amazing day and loved seeing London by boat, a great way to conclude our learning this term.

States of matter, our learning in science

Over the last two weeks we have been looking at states of matter in science. Firstly, we investigated how to sort solids, liquids and gasses which was harder than it looked!

After that we investigated how materials change state hen heated. We discovered when you heat ice it melts however when you heat water it turns into a gas.

We also applied our knowledge in the kitchen. Making chocolate rice crispie cakes all in the name of science!

In our literacy lesson this morning we noticed something strange was going on…

Outside  our classrooms a trail of bread appeared and being the adventurers we are we decided to follow it!

After we crept through the school we discovered a box of sweets and an ancient letter which smelt very odd. We read the letter as a class and learnt about the horrible time Gretal was having after being caught by a wicked witch!

We hope we can learn more about her in the next few weeks.