14.07.2020 Year 4 Competition Entry and Summer Activities!

Hello Year 4! Since this is the final week of school, this weeks theme is slightly different than the home learning tasks your teachers have previously set. This week, we will be focusing on some fun activities (and a competition!) you can take part in over the summer.

To celebrate 80 years of Puffin Books, Into Film and Puffin books are hosting Big Dreams on Screen, a creative competition to inspire all of you storytellers!

If you would like to be with a chance of having your idea transformed into a film, you need to enter this competition!  The winner’s film will also be premiered at their local cinema during the Into Film Festival in November 2020 and you will also get 80 Puffin books for your school! 10 lucky runners-up will also be given a Puffin goody-bag filled with books. Remember, the judges will be looking for imagination and creativity!

To enter, all you have to do is create a storyboard explaining your big dream. You might want to base your entry on your own personal life goals, your wildest dreams, or even something inspired by your favourite Puffin Book!

Try to use a variety of camera shots in your storyboard, and use the notes boxes on the activity sheet to add further detail to your entry. 

To download the entry form and activity sheet above, please follow this link https://www.intofilm.org/news-and-views/articles/puffin-big-dreams-on-screen-competitionand scroll down until you find this download link:

For inspiration, play the How to Storyboard video below, where you will be shown how a storyboard is created as well as a variety of different camera shots and their purposes.


Along with having their idea transformed into a film, the winner will get 80 Puffin books for their school and 10 lucky runners-up will get a Puffin goody-bag filled with books. Remember, the judges will be looking for imagination and creativity!

The competition is open for those aged 7-12 years, and entries are open until 3 August 2020. For full terms and conditions, please visit: https://www.intofilm.org/news-and-views/articles/puffin-big-dreams-on-screen-competition 

If you are looking for some more fun activities to complete over the summer holiday, have a look at the Thomas Buxton KS2 Countdown to School calendar for ideas! Don’t forget to hold on to any work you do complete so you can show your new teacher when you come back in September!

To find out more information about this year’s Summer Reading Challenge, please head over to the Thomas Buxton blog at: https://www.thomasbuxton.towerhamlets.sch.uk/blogs/blog/2020/07/13/summer-reading-challenge-2020/ 

The National Literacy Trust have also provided some great resources – audio books, tutorials and films – for you to explore over the summer. Head over to the Thomas Buxton blog to find out more about the National Literacy Trust’s Family Zone: http://www.thomasbuxton.towerhamlets.sch.uk/blogs/blog/2020/07/13/national-literacy-trust/ 

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