This week’s P4C 7.7.20

Thinking Game

Would you rather?

Would you rather have pride or beauty? Explain why?

Big Question

Growth mindset:

  • What are you most proud of this year?
  • What is a target you are working on for next year?
  • Is self-reflection important? Why?

Use the sentence openers to have a discussion with your families and in the comments below.

  • In my In my opinion…
  • I agree with… because…
  • I would like to add…
  • I would like to challenge… because……

8 thoughts on “This week’s P4C 7.7.20

    1. rjohal

      That’s true Mahir. Some people believe true beauty is on the inside.

      Miss Johal

  1. Alfie

    Self reflection is important because you can think about what you want to do when you are an adult.

  2. Imani

    i would like to be pride because you wont get anywhere with beauty an will get loads of things from pride beauty can only get you to beauty contests and stuff

    1. cmilne Post author

      Good thinking Imani! If you have pride and feel proud of yourself, this can also be beautiful!

      Mrs Milne


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