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Home learning tasks 31.3.20

Good morning Year 4. Here are your tasks for the week, remember if you are stuck or want share your learning, parents can email us on the Year 4 email address. Remember if commenting on posts, that the teachers need to approve them so they might not show up straight away.

Also, have you visited the Healthy Lives section of the blog yet? There are lots of ideas for helping you keep your body and mind healthy during this time. Let me know what you think in the comments on Healthy Lives blog.

Stay safe everyone!


Create your own blurb for a book you have read.

Below: Blurb of The Iron Man


Write a setting description about this photo. 

Can you describe the 5 senses?


Addition and subtraction

1. 1,185 + 405 = 

2. 3,535 + 2,634 =

3. 3,264 – 1,655 = 


There are 8 possibilities, find them all!

Science question

Look at this electrical circuit.

Will the knot in the wire affect the circuit?
What do you think?

I think…

This week’s P4C 31.3.20

Starter Game: Would you rather…?

Would you rather be Hansel or Gretel?

Big Question

Before school closed we were looking at Fairy Tales and in particular; The Three Little Pigs, Hansel and Gretel and Little Red Riding Hood. A feature of a fairy tale is usually a happy ending and that got me thinking…

Does everyone deserve a happy ending?

Use the sentence openers to have a discussion with your families and in the comments below.

• In my opinion…
• I agree with… because…
• I would like to add…
• I would like to challenge… because…

Extra thought…Think about your own life.  How can you make sure you get your happy ending?  What would it look like?

Friday Celebration

Every Friday as normal, we will be celebrating our school values by nominating two pupils from each class to receive an online certificate for Star of the Week. Will it be you?


Home Learning Photos!

Well done Alfie for creating a fantastic robot for your Pick and Mix homework!

If you have any questions/ comments about Alfie’s robot, please leave them in the comments box below for Alfie to answer!

If you have any photos to share of your home learning, please email:

Rahima has been hard at work on her home learning. A fantastic homemade robot and some great openers used in this week’s writing task. Was this your first draft or did you edit and improve?

Lehan has been working hard at home! He has written a story based on the image of the girl in the bottle and created some really thoughtful questions about the story he is reading! How can you use a synonym for said to improve your story?

Maria has made an excellent fraction wall at home!

Well done Zayn for making an amazing robot for the pick and mix exhibition!

Nour has been a very busy girl, keeping up with her home learning! Well done Nour, keep up that determination!

Another fantastic robot From Tahmidul. I love how it is nice and relaxed with it’s slippers on. Very cosy!

Iqra A has been working on her English and Science skills recently. Keep up the hard work Iqra!



Can you think of 5 questions you would like to ask one of the characters from the book you are reading?

Challenge – write their answers as if you were that character.


Write a story about the photo below and give it a title.

What could her story be?

Maths – place value

Can you partition the following numbers in different ways?

245 = ________ + ________ + ________

1,287 = __________ + __________ + __________ + _________

9,701 = ________ + ________ + __________

What is the value of the underlined digit in each number?


What do you think?


Starter Game: Recipe for happiness
What ingredients do you think we need to create a sense of happiness?

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-6.png

Do you need to experience sadness, to be happy?

Are some sorts of happiness better than others?