Monthly Archives: March 2019

This week, year 4 have been learning about database.

A database is where information is stored on a computer. Before the advancement of technology, companies stored their worker’s information in filing cabinets. This was not the most efficient way of storing employee data because it would take them a very long time to find one piece of information!

Computer databases are a lot more efficient because the information (such as your name, age, address, height etc.) are all sorted into categories which makes it easier to find and compare.

Here is an example of a class database we created.


First we thought about the different pieces of information we wanted. We decided to record the following information about ourselves:



Month of birth

Eye colour



Shoe size

We made sure we changed the data type to match the type of field! For example, we changed our ‘hobbies’ field to show up as a list so that we all chose a hobby from the same selection. This would help us when we compared data.

The rest of the class added their data cards with their own information. Once everyone finished, we had a huge database will everybody’s information!

We wanted to use that information to compare data across both classes. In order to do that, we had to create a chart! J2e has lots of charts to choose from. If we wanted to compare between one variable (e.g. compare shoe sizes across the year) we used a bar chart. If we wanted to compare two different variables, we used a line or scatter graph.

Here are some of our results presented in different charts and graphs!