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This week, year 4 have been taking their programming skills to the next level!

We used the coding app ‘Hopscotch’ to input commands that controlled our character’s movements – similar to a Bee Bot! We also wanted our character to leave a trail as it moved, allowing us to create different shapes and patterns!

Before we could decide on our first movement, we had to decide how our character’s movements would be activated.

Some of the options we considered were…

          Tapping our character

          Tapping the ipad

          Swiping the screen to the left/right


In order to create the trail, we then had to select the ‘leave a trail option’ which allowed our character to ‘draw’ as it moved.

Here are some examples of what shapes we created!

However! We also learned that it was important the commands (instructions) were inputted correctly. A slight error could result in our character not responding or malfunctioning altogether!

We learned that debugging – spotting our own mistakes and returning to the edit panel to correct them- was extremely important in getting the outcome we wanted. This meant we previewed each command as we added them.


Once we gained confidence in the app, we used our knowledge of repeat commands and debugging to make our characters dance! Some of us felt confident enough to create a dance duet using two characters!

Some commands used were:



          Move forward




Here’s an example of what we created!