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What if no one was punished for their bad behaviour?

In P4C we read the book ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ and came up with these big ideas.
• Punishment
• Anger
• Good and evil
• Family
• Happiness and love

We then created a P4C question which was:
• What if no one was punished for bad behaviour?

We had a very interesting discussion and our main points included:
• Punishment is important because it teaches people about consequences.
• If a person wasn’t punished, then they would continue the bad behaviour.
• The world would become a dangerous and chaotic place.

Interestingly, it also led us to consider more questions.

• Who should decide what types of punishments people should receive?
• How long should a person be punished for?
• Does it matter if we don’t know for sure if the person has done a bad thing?
• Is punishment enough in some cases?

What do you think about some of our questions? Please share your views!