Monthly Archives: April 2018

What have Year 4 been learning in Science?

We have made a brilliant start to the summer term in science by learning all about digestion!

This week we have been learning all about our teeth and the different roles they play during digestion:

  • Canines: for ripping food
  • Molars: for grinding food
  • Incisors: for biting and chewing food

We have also conducted a fair test to discover the damage different drinks have on our teeth. We used eggs to replicate our teeth and then left them to soak in redbull, diet coke, water, orange juice and squash and then observed the changes that occurred. We of course ensured our test was fair by keeping the volume of the drink the same in each cup!

After two days we concluded that the redbull and orange juice will cause the most damage to our teeth because of their high sugar content. We were surprised by the damage caused by the orange juice as we considered this a healthy option! The redbull caused holes in the egg shell and it began to peel away.

We will defiantly look after our teeth now!