Monthly Archives: March 2018

It’s Raining Cats in Year 4!

Year 4 have really enjoyed learning their songs of the week, this week in class. We’ve been focusing particularly on pitch matching and have been practising singing ‘Have you brought your…voice’ in our chosen pitch and hearing the rest of the class matching this.

Mexico class have been learning to tap the beat whilst singing ‘Here Sits the Fat Cat’ and have enjoyed playing a fun game where one child is selected to be the ‘fat cat’ and has to guess who has stolen their bells.

Cuba have been focused on recognising rhythm and pitch matching with their song ‘Rain is Falling Down.’

Has your class learnt a new song this week? Comment below and we would love to know if you’ve sung our songs before- maybe you could challenge us to a song off!

Is royalty important?

As part of our learning on Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughters we looked at the “big ideas” at the end of the story and came up with:

  • Royalty
  • Telling Lies
  • Siblings
  • Family

We then created a P4C question which was:

Is Royalty important?

Our main points included:

  • Royalty is linked to culture
  • Royalty makes people happy
  • They cost money through palaces and expensive hobbies

What do you think? Please share your views!