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Year 4 Computing – Scratch Racing Games!

In Year 4, we have used Scratch to create some exciting racing car games. We used all of our coding knowledge to programme our cars and even had to shrink them so they were the right size for the track! We particularly enjoyed creating our own backgrounds which we found pretty tricky to start with but with perseverance managed to create some great pieces of work.

We hope you enjoy playing them! You will need to make sure you have Flash turned on!

Here are the links to our games:

Comment on our games below:
What is the best thing about each game?
What skills do you think we had to use to create them?
What could we add to make them even better?

Is it ever ok to have preconceptions?

This week we looked at the big idea of preconceptions and judgements.

We discussed the first words that came into our heads when we thought of Africa some included: Savannah, elephants, poverty, hot, dry and many more! However when we looked at the facts we discovered that Africa was not at all like our preconceptions.

This got us thinking is it ever ok to have preconceptions?

Our main points included:

  • Sometimes positive preconceptions can help you make friends
  • It’s unfair to judge somewhere or someone before you learn
  • Judgements can hurt peoples feelings

This fortnights sentence starter:

  • Despite this…
  • Although…

What do you think? Leave us a comment!