Uh oh there’s robots landing in year 4!

This morning year 4 had to save the world from a Robot invasion, just an average morning then!

A letter arrived from an evil robot who planned to invade the planet by hacking into the world’s electrical items. We decided that we needed to be particular concerned about Alexa and Siri!

Our first challenge was to design a peaceful robot to prevent the invasion, as the evil robot refused to speak to us mere humans! They included special technologies such as; anti-gravity shoes, jetpacks and X-ray vision!

Finally we had to prove we were as smart as the robot by programming a special mini robot to travel along a route. Obviously, year four are so smart they whizzed through the task and managed to write down the coding.

Robot invasion prevented… Phew!

One thought on “Uh oh there’s robots landing in year 4!

  1. Mahdi { Cuba}

    It was lots of fun because we deisigned robots because we are learning about Iron Man the book


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