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Busy Bees!

We had a rather unusual start to our week when a worrying video message arrived from Mrs Flanagan. She confessed to over-spending the school budget on a surplus number of Bee-Bots. In fact, she told us the problem was so big that she fears that next week’s Rich Mix trip could be in danger. We decided we would do anything to help, so we are currently working on ways we can persuade other schools to buy the Bee-Bots from us. We certainly don’t want to miss out on our attendance treat! Comment below if you any ideas of how we could persuade them- every little helps. Wish us luck!

Is it better to be an only child or to have siblings?

This week our stimulus was Dennis Redmond competing in the 400m at the Barcelona Olympics.  During the race he suffered a hamstring injury but instead of giving up he hobbled over the line with support from his father.

This got us thinking all about support and families.

Our main points from our class discussion were:

  • It is important to have support when you are feeling down
  • Where does support come from? Is It unconditional?
  • Is it still brave to finish a tricky task or event with help?

We finally decided on the question: Is it better to be an only child or have siblings?

Please post your thoughts in the comments!


Our P4C question- Is it better to be different or the same as everyone else?

This week our stimulus was the Pixar animation For the Birds. You watch it for yourselves below:


We discussed lot’s of big ideas including:

  • Bullying
  • Difference
  • Following the crowd
  • Friendship

Before deciding on our enquiry question : Is it better to be different or the same as everyone else?

Our main points from our class discussion were:
• It is important to stay true to yourself and who you are even if this means being different
• Difference makes the world a more exciting place
• Having similarities makes it easier to make friends

Can you use our sentence starters of the week?
• I suggest that…
• Although I think you have a valid point, I believe that…

Please post your thoughts that you have had in regard to this question, we would love to hear from you!



Uh oh there’s robots landing in year 4!

This morning year 4 had to save the world from a Robot invasion, just an average morning then!

A letter arrived from an evil robot who planned to invade the planet by hacking into the world’s electrical items. We decided that we needed to be particular concerned about Alexa and Siri!

Our first challenge was to design a peaceful robot to prevent the invasion, as the evil robot refused to speak to us mere humans! They included special technologies such as; anti-gravity shoes, jetpacks and X-ray vision!

Finally we had to prove we were as smart as the robot by programming a special mini robot to travel along a route. Obviously, year four are so smart they whizzed through the task and managed to write down the coding.

Robot invasion prevented… Phew!