Monthly Archives: September 2017

States of matter, our learning in science

Over the last two weeks we have been looking at states of matter in science. Firstly, we investigated how to sort solids, liquids and gasses which was harder than it looked!

After that we investigated how materials change state hen heated. We discovered when you heat ice it melts however when you heat water it turns into a gas.

We also applied our knowledge in the kitchen. Making chocolate rice crispie cakes all in the name of science!

In our literacy lesson this morning we noticed something strange was going on…

Outside  our classrooms a trail of bread appeared and being the adventurers we are we decided to follow it!

After we crept through the school we discovered a box of sweets and an ancient letter which smelt very odd. We read the letter as a class and learnt about the horrible time Gretal was having after being caught by a wicked witch!

We hope we can learn more about her in the next few weeks.