Monthly Archives: March 2017

Time for a quest!

It was quite a strange start of the week for year 4! We received a letter from the office from a kidnapped king who needed our help to discover his story. After cracking a rather complicated code we discovered the location of the book, under lots of bugs!

All week we have enjoyed learning the story of quest and we were able to write our own holiday brochures persuading people to visit quest city. Including some of the attraction they can enjoy there, such as rainbow slides and rhino rides!

We have also worked hard to create some amazing art work inspired by the stories illustrations.

What a fab week of learning!

Year 4 have an eggcelent science week

This week year 4 have been exploring the humble egg through eggciting experiments!

We have been completing quick wows such as making bouncy eggs as well as longer experiments. We discovered that eggs are really strong due to their arch shape and can support a weight of around 2000g!

As a class we visited the city farm and investigated the life cycle of a chicken from egg to hen.

What an amazing week!