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Year 4 go on a Roman adventure

At the start of this term lime and chestnut class received a very odd letter it read like this:

Auxilium mini, si placet?

In AD43 I arrived in this country on a beach not far from here. I believe this land is called Britannia, its full of metals that my people need. I’ve travelled for miles in land conquering hill forts and battling locals. However along the way I misplaced something of great importance to me and it was left for centuries. Please take this map and follow it to retrieve my possessions. I hope you take good care of it. 

Being the true adventurers year 4 are we decided to follow the map which led us to the Roman wall at Tower Hill. The wall was made by the Romans when they conquered Britain and marked


the city of Londinium (London).img_0105
After hunting around the wall we found what we came for! A helmet  left behind by a roman solider centuries ago, something that we are sure will come in use when we begin our topic of the romans this term!