Monthly Archives: May 2016

We Are HTML Editors

Year 4 are quickly becoming masters of HTML editing. They are now starting to edit and publish there very own creations by remixing web pages using Mozilla Thimble.


Here is Mozilla Thimble being used. The HTML code is on the left while the image being changed appears on the right. Every time some code is re-written, the image changes.

By changing some of the HTML code for this image….



….the children are able to change the text and the background colour, completely reinventing the original image and making it their own.





Nabeel and Sameera did so to create this!


They’ve used bright blue for the background and changed the text to thank their class teacher Ms Ahmed for helping them with their learning.

Click this URL to view their published webpage

More wonderful web pages will be published very soon. Well done Nabeel and Sameera!