Monthly Archives: December 2015

We Are Musicians: Making Soundtracks for Film Clips

Today we are looking at how music enhances a video clip and what makes the music so suitable for a particular piece of footage.

For example, how does the music from this Despicable Me 2 clip reflect the feeling of what’s happening in the video? What kind of music would not be appropriate?

How is the music in other scenes different? Is it because the characters are experiencing different events and reacting with different emotions? Think about this scene from Toy Story.

In Year 4, we will soon be creating our own soundtracks using different instruments and different pieces of music-making software and apps.

We will upload our compositions to the website and decide which are the most appropriate soundtracks for the different scenes.

What film scenes do you think we should focus on and why? What film have you always wanted to soundtrack? How will you represent the emotions of the characters? Share your opinions by replying to this blog.