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We Are HTML Editors: X-Ray Goggles

Hey Year 4!!

the Ants were asking after their Computing lesson yesterday how you can use X-Ray Goggles at home. Well here is the link:

x ray 1 x ray 2

You need to drag the yellow “X-ray Goggles” tab into your bookmarks/favourites bar at the top of your web browser. You have to use Google Chrome though guys!

Then wherever you are on the internet, you can activate X-Ray vision!

Caterpillars, you’ll be enjoying the wonders of X-Ray Goggles and HTML code next week. In the meantime, feel free to have a go at home.

We did some fantastic HTML yesterday. I was having a go at home. I edited the Espresso site to show my own message! Check it out:

x ray 3

Enjoy interacting with the internet everyone. See how creative you can be!

Mr Neville