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We Are Musicians – Musyc

As part of their Computing unit this term, the Ants and the Caterpillars have been using a variety of software to make their own compositions. Earlier in the year, they used a drag-and-drop app, Toc and Roll (check out this Tweet!), and recently they have turned their talents to a creative and innovative new app called Musyc.

Below are some of the creations they have made using Musyc with an accompanying image of how they achieved their sounds. It may seem difficult to work out exactly how they have done this so the best thing to do is have a go yourself! Download Musyc or ask Mr Neville if you can try it out in school.

Year 4 will soon be writing compositions to compliment their literacy work so keep your eyes on the blog and look out for QR codes around school for more.

Mr Nev

Project 1


Project 2


Project 3


Project 4