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Roman Londinium at the Museum of London

Almost 2000 years ago, the Romans occupied the city we now live in. Year 4 took a memorable journey back in time to the centre of Londinium today…

They saw intricate replications of Londinium, some everyday objects that would have used by Romans in London and were lucky enough to see some artifacts which revealed exactly what life would have been like in Londinium all those years ago.

IMG_0119  IMG_0117

The children were very inquisitive and showed great interest which meant they got the most out of the day and enjoyed every second.

IMG_0112  IMG_0115  IMG_0129IMG_0126  IMG_0122

I heard lots of children telling me what they had learnt and what they had enjoyed. We even recorded some of the children talking about the exhibitions to make a short documentary! Look out for it on the school website soon!

Also, please share your thoughts on Roman London and share your experiences of the Museum of London by replying to the blog! Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Mr Neville

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