Monthly Archives: October 2014

Light-bot: We Are Software Developers!

Hey Ants and Caterpillars!

I had a great time looking at the Light-bot app with the Caterpillars today and the Ants will be looking at the same app next week to hone their coding skills.

I was so impressed at how quickly the Caterpillars picked it up – you were all writing algorithms and programming your sprites effectively by the end of the lesson.

You used the necessary language very well – words like debug and algorithm – and showed great perseverance and team work to guide your sprite to its destination.


Lots of you were asking if you could enjoy Light-bot at home as well. YOU CAN! Download the app or visit the website on your computer:

Keep trying to use the processes (P1 and P2) to loop instructions. I know it can be difficult and you will make mistakes but don’t give up!

I was also incredibly proud, Caterpillars, to see you were all as enthusiastic and polite as I remember from last year. I can’t wait to come in and do some Computing again.

Mr Neville