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How fast can you type?

I’m going to time myself to see how quickly I can type this blog post! Turtles class has recently been asking me how they can learn to type faster.

I learned to touch-type (that’s when you can type without looking at your fingers) when I was a kid, by writing stories on my computer. Without touch typing I never could have written as much as I did- it would have taken me ages!

Dancemat typing is a fun and easy way to start out. It shows you where your fingers go, and right away you can start learning to type words quickly!

dance mat image

After you’ve had lots of practice, you can test your typing speed here:

My record is: 75 words per minute. Can anyone beat that? 🙂

PS: Don’t forget your Maths Whizz!!!

So, you want to be an inventor?


The Ray 25

In IPC this term we are looking at Inventions and Machines.  We have considered why people invent things (to solve a problem, make life easier or just to save time) and we have had an opportunity to be creative and suggest our own inventions (some more crazy than others!) Musab in Meerkats has come up with a very simple idea that I would LOVE to have in my class.

“This environmentally-friendly invention is called the Ray 25.  If you press the upper case of the button the pencil re-sharpens. if you press the lower case of the button, the rubber re-fills to its original size.”

What do you think of his invention?  Can you suggest any improvements he might want to make to adapt his invention to make it even better?  Have you got an idea for an invention that you want to share?

Mrs Raimes

Religion around Tower Hamlets


Today’s blog post comes from Areesha in Turtles class…

TH map

In Year 4, we have been learning about all the religions that people practice in Tower Hamlets. We looked at Google map and wrote a tally of the amount of places of worship. There was a total of:

25 churches
3 synagogues
5 mosques.

We also had a look at this pie chart from the 2011 census:

pie chart


Areeshah continues:

We were surprised to learn that there were 27% Christians and 35% Muslims even though there were more churches than mosques in our tally.

Umar wrote:

I was surprised that there were more churches than mosques, because when I normally drive around Tower Hamlets there are a lot of mosques. 

We’re really enjoying finding out more about our community. What places of worship do you see every day?