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Coding Crazy!


Hi Year 4,

On Thursdays, pupils who go to Coding Club are learning some advanced computer programming skills using the Hopscotch app and Scratch software.  Isaiah has written a fantastic review of Scratch.  See below.  What do you know about coding? What can you do with it?

All About Scratch

SCRATCH is a computer program all about coding. Coding is another word for computer script. Coding is used to control characters a.k.a ( sprites ) by telling them what to do. 

SCRATCH is a fun computer game that allows you to experiment and play around with the script, as well as making your own game complete with characters.

If you have never used SCRATCH before you should defininetly try it. If you like computer games like me, it is suprisiingly easy, fun and quick to learn.

I like coding because once you have made a game you can always add to it. Also SCRATCH has really improved my commputer knowledge.

Top Marks!

By Isaiah

What’s the area?

In Year 4 last week, we learned about area- the amount of space a surface takes up.

Knowing how to find the area of something is a basic skill not only for mathmeticians, but for engineers, and anyone who wants to build something!

Have a look at the inhabitants of Planet 100 cm2– (Click on the pictures to enlarge.)


Aliens have landed in Meerkats and Turtles class!

Here’s a puzzle to keep your brain ticking about area… Post if you can solve it!

Can you find the area of some rectangular objects at home? Post what you figure out!