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Haikus and Other Kinds of Poetry

keep calm

This week in Literacy and Language, we have been reading lots of poetry, including “At the end of the school day” by Wes Magee.

We’ve also had a go at writing our own Haiku! Mrs Raimes and Miss Kieniewicz have been extremely impressed with the creativity of Meerkats and Turtles, as they experiment with this new form.

Haiku poetry comes from Japan, and it has a special form:
1st line:    5 syllables
2nd line:  7 syllables
3rd line:   5 syllables

Here’s an example, by Writer Fox:

Clouds shake white dust down –
All the trees turned to snowmen,
The eyes made of ice.

The poem is like a snapshot of a moment in time. As we discovered, it sometimes can be trickier to write a just a few words than it is to write a whole story!

We also looked at a famous Japanese painting: The Great Wave off Kangawa, by Katsushika Hokusai.



What does this make you think of? Can you write a haiku inspired by the painting?