Computing – Comics

In Year Four, we have been using iPads to create comics depicting the fairy tale, Hansel and Gretel.

We thought about the different events in the story and used a safe search engine to find images for our comic strips.

We also manipulated the text and the images to create different eye-catching styles.

We included some thought bubbles and speech bubbles with sentences we thought the characters might say.

We experimented with different themes and layouts based on what we thought would display the story most clearly.

Here are some of our comics showing different layouts, themes and images.

Have you used ComicLife before? What have you created?

What careers might use the skills we were developing through our comics?

What could we add to our comics to develop them further?


Cuba try their hands at pizza making!

We have topped off a busy week by attending a cooking workshop at Pizza Express. At the start we were introduced to some chefs who told us all about where pizza originates from and how you make it. Then we got messy!

We each created our own pizza complete with cheese, tomato, oregano and basil which was then put into the pizza oven for only 5 minutes.

Luckily, all our pizzas smelt and tasted amazing!


A Thames adventure

All term we have been learning about the river Thames which flows through London so we thought it was about time we paid it a visit! 

We caught a river boat from Westminster pier all the way to the Cutty Sark in Greenwich, even along the meander.

Throughout the journey we saw some amazing things, such as:

  • Tower bridge
  • The Tower of London including traitors gate
  • HMS Belfast
  • The London eye
  • and so much more!

We all had an amazing day and loved seeing London by boat, a great way to conclude our learning this term.

States of matter, our learning in science

Over the last two weeks we have been looking at states of matter in science. Firstly, we investigated how to sort solids, liquids and gasses which was harder than it looked!

After that we investigated how materials change state hen heated. We discovered when you heat ice it melts however when you heat water it turns into a gas.

We also applied our knowledge in the kitchen. Making chocolate rice crispie cakes all in the name of science!

In our literacy lesson this morning we noticed something strange was going on…

Outside  our classrooms a trail of bread appeared and being the adventurers we are we decided to follow it!

After we crept through the school we discovered a box of sweets and an ancient letter which smelt very odd. We read the letter as a class and learnt about the horrible time Gretal was having after being caught by a wicked witch!

We hope we can learn more about her in the next few weeks.



Time for a quest!

It was quite a strange start of the week for year 4! We received a letter from the office from a kidnapped king who needed our help to discover his story. After cracking a rather complicated code we discovered the location of the book, under lots of bugs!

All week we have enjoyed learning the story of quest and we were able to write our own holiday brochures persuading people to visit quest city. Including some of the attraction they can enjoy there, such as rainbow slides and rhino rides!

We have also worked hard to create some amazing art work inspired by the stories illustrations.

What a fab week of learning!

Year 4 have an eggcelent science week

This week year 4 have been exploring the humble egg through eggciting experiments!

We have been completing quick wows such as making bouncy eggs as well as longer experiments. We discovered that eggs are really strong due to their arch shape and can support a weight of around 2000g!

As a class we visited the city farm and investigated the life cycle of a chicken from egg to hen.

What an amazing week!

Interfaith week in year 4!

During interfaith week year 4 investigated two religions: Christianity and Islam. We were lucky enough to have two visitors from local sixth form colleges that told us more about their religious beliefs. We had so many questions to ask them!

What is the hardest part of your religion?

What do you enjoy the most about your religion?

What are your main beliefs?

Our questions meant we were able to learn lots and lots about different people’s beliefs, we noticed plenty of similarities between the religions!

What did you all learn from interfaith week?

Year 4 go on a Roman adventure

At the start of this term lime and chestnut class received a very odd letter it read like this:

Auxilium mini, si placet?

In AD43 I arrived in this country on a beach not far from here. I believe this land is called Britannia, its full of metals that my people need. I’ve travelled for miles in land conquering hill forts and battling locals. However along the way I misplaced something of great importance to me and it was left for centuries. Please take this map and follow it to retrieve my possessions. I hope you take good care of it. 

Being the true adventurers year 4 are we decided to follow the map which led us to the Roman wall at Tower Hill. The wall was made by the Romans when they conquered Britain and marked


the city of Londinium (London).img_0105
After hunting around the wall we found what we came for! A helmet  left behind by a roman solider centuries ago, something that we are sure will come in use when we begin our topic of the romans this term!


Whales Winners of Computing Week Challenge!

Congratulations to Whales class who were awarded with a special prize for completing the Computing Week challenge in the quickest time. They showed excellent team work and problem solving skills to crack the codes with great efficiency.

They were awarded with the Minecraft Handbook Collection! These handbooks contain information about:

– the History of Minecraft
– Creative vs Survival mode
– Technical details
– Controls for PC/Mac, XBOX, and Pocket Edition
– Topics such as Inventory, Weapons, Tools, Shelter, Food, etc.
– A guide to mining rare elements


Well done to everyone for taking part with such enthusiasm. Thomas Buxton pupils are clearly very good at cracking codes!