Was Manyara happy?

Year 3’s P4C stimulus this week was our English whole school text ‘Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughters’. Over the course of the story, Nyasha is mistreated by her sister Manyara. We considered whether the character’s respected the rights in the UNCRC charter, for example, a right to be heard (when Manyara ignores the people she meets on her journey). From this discussion we formulated a question which was ‘Was Manyara happy?’

We had some great discussions about what we need to make us happy including why different things make different people happy.

We found that as a class, the thing that makes us the happiest is laughter, whereas we didn’t feel like we needed cars to ensure that we’re happy.

Take a look at our order below.

Do you agree?

Is there anything you would change or swap?


6 thoughts on “Was Manyara happy?

  1. Umar Cambodia Class

    I think Manyara was not because all she wanted to be is to be queen but she was not kind (she was greedy) so she deserved to be servant and Nyasha deserved to be queen because of her kindness


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