Year 3 Computing – Scratch Projects

Year Three have been using Scratch to develop our programming skills.

We created games where characters (sprites) disappear and reappear using a forever loop and timings.

We chose our own backgrounds and sprites to reflect our own interests.  We also explored using speech bubbles with our sprites.

When our algorithms did not give us the desired output – we had to debug the code using problem solving skills! This meant looking at each sequence of blocks to find out where an error had been made and testing our algorithms each time we made a change.

Here are some screenshots of our games – can you check and see if the code is correct?

You can test out some of our games here: 


Maths Investigations in Year 3

This week year 3 have enjoyed some problem solving in maths. We showed great team work by solving problems with our partners. We all showed are learning in different ways and loved sharing our ideas with the class.

Have a look at some of the pictures below to see our learning!


We Are Technicians

Year 3 have been learning about Technicians. We had the opportunity to interview a real-life technician to find out the kinds of things they do during a typical day. We learnt about the equipment that a technician uses and the parts of a computer. We also made these fun films about A ‘day in the life’ of a technician.

Light and Shadow

Light and Shadow

Today Year 3 conducted a Science Investigation about Light and Dark. We spent some time making observations in the Medical Room with the lights on. We then had an even more exciting time sitting in the pitch black making observations about the darkness. Some of us were nervous and excited at first. By the end of the investigation we all had a lot of fun and learnt some very important things about Light and Dark. Ask us about it today!

Ancient Egypt and Mummification

Ever wondered how important people like pharaohs were mummified?

mummification    CanopicJars

The Egyptians believed that after death they would have a new kind of life called the afterlife. As well as needing all their everyday possessions for the next life, they also needed their bodies and so they were preserved or mummified after they died.

Have a look at the links below to learn more about the mummification process.

Faith in Tower Hamlets

IMG_1597 IMG_1598 IMG_1599      IMG_1605     IMG_1610  IMG_1614      IMG_1620 IMG_1621 IMG_1622 IMG_1623

As apart of  our Interfaith week, Year 3 have been learning about Faith in Tower Hamlets. We were lucky enough to visit some places of worship in Tower Hamlets. We also had the chance to ask questions of different believers to investigate the religions and belief systems that are in our local area.

Snow Poems

Image result for snowflakes

After today’s downpour of snow, Rowan Class took the opportunity to go out into the ‘blizzard’ and afterwards we wrote snow poems. Here are some of the best lines:

Freezing, frosty flakes flutter and fly. -Affan

Cheeks, red like roses. – Hafizah

Frosty flakes freezing frozen fingers. – Najib

Grey clouds cover the sky like a blanket. – Shaek

Fluffy white feathers falling from the sky. – Raeesah

Clear, cold crystal come down from the clouds. – Rayan

White snow dashing down like rain. – Xavier

Cold fluffy clouds spinning in the freezing air.  – Sahar

Cold crystals twirling in the sky. Like a ballerina as graceful as a birds sweet song. – Aidah

Like 1000 ballerinas twirling to the grounds, they bring smiles to children’s faces. – Rahim

Soft snow spins like a spinning top. -Rahmah

Like millions of white parachutes falling to the Earth, freezing frosty fingers. – Zainab

A single snowflake floats by and lands on a branch, like a beautiful butterfly. – Amaan

Children around the world: research links

Year 3 are learning about the lives of other children around the world. In particular, how well rights are being protected in other parts of the world.


Year 3 will be comparing their own lives to those of other children in relation to how well education is provided.

y3 1










Here are some other useful links which tell you some interesting facts about children and education around the world:

y3 2 y3 3


Schools Around the World

Year 3 are celebrating different cultures by learning about children all over the world.

They will be investigating the similarities and differences between themselves and children in other countries.

Year 3 will be comparing their own lives to those of children all over the world, looking at the way we learn and play.

Click on the image below to see an interesting Infographic which focuses on schools. The information compares primary school children all over the globe:


You can see that children in the United Kingdom spend a lot of their time at school – 6.5 hours – but not as much as children in China who start at 7am and spend 9 hours in school!

What other information from you gather from that webpage?

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Here are some other useful links which uncover fascinating facts about schools around the world:

In the comments, share some interesting information you have found in the links. Or share some other facts you have discovered elsewhere!