Year 2’s Great Fire of London journey

Year 2 have had a very eventful last two weeks.

The week started with the children planning and performing their very own television show based on the events of the Great Fire of London.

After writing the script and rehearsing, it was show time!

Click here to watch our news report.

Year 2 then had a trip to St. Paul’s Cathedral.
We took the underground from Whitechapel to Mile End, then onto St. Paul’s.

Arriving at St. Paul’s, we took the time to perfect our art skills by sketching the outside of the building.

Each Year 2 class had their own tour of the Cathedral.

We even met Samuel Pepys, Thomas Farriner and maids from 1666 on our tour!

We finished our trip by having the chance to explore the main altar area of St. Paul’s cathedral.

Back at school we called on the fire-fighters from 1666 to help us put out our own Great Fire.

Watch our houses from our D&T lessons being set alight below:

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