Year 2’s Great Fire of London journey

Year 2 have had a very eventful last two weeks.

The week started with the children planning and performing their very own television show based on the events of the Great Fire of London.

After writing the script and rehearsing, it was show time!

Click here to watch our news report.

Year 2 then had a trip to St. Paul’s Cathedral.
We took the underground from Whitechapel to Mile End, then onto St. Paul’s.

Arriving at St. Paul’s, we took the time to perfect our art skills by sketching the outside of the building.

Each Year 2 class had their own tour of the Cathedral.

We even met Samuel Pepys, Thomas Farriner and maids from 1666 on our tour!

We finished our trip by having the chance to explore the main altar area of St. Paul’s cathedral.

Back at school we called on the fire-fighters from 1666 to help us put out our own Great Fire.

Watch our houses from our D&T lessons being set alight below:

Fire, Fire!

This half term Year 2 will be learning all about the Great Fire of London.

At the start of the week Year 2 received a letter from the baker Thomas Fariner – it was written in 1666 so it’s taken a little while to get to us… Thomas explained that his bakery had burned down (it’s thought that the Great Fire of London started in his bakery after someone didn’t turn the oven off properly) and that he needed our help to cook some mouth-wateringly delicious scones for King Charles II.

Year 2 are always up for a challenge, so we learned all about writing and following instructions in our English sessions, and then followed the recipe to make the scones.

They really were delicious!

To help us understand how the fire spread so quickly through London, we learned all about Tudor style houses. Then we used our learning to work collaboratively to build our own models of a Tudor house.

They look pretty impressive, don’t they?

A visit from the London Fire Brigade!

This week Year 2 were visited by the London Fire Brigade.

They shared lots of tips on how to stay safe in a fire, and told us some rhymes to help us remember these tips. For example:

Matches and lighters
Please don’t touch
They can hurt you very very much.

Touch the door so you’re sure.
On the way out give a shout.
Close the door for 20 minutes more.
Under the smoke so you don’t choke.
Don’t hide, go outside!
Call 999, you will be fine.
Practise your fire plan whenever you can.

We got to dress up as firefighters too!

We learned about how important it is to have a fire alarm at home, and to check the battery EVERY WEEK! The fire alarm was very noisy…

The firefighters explained how important it is to have a fire escape plan. Did you know that you can ask your local fire brigade to do a fire safety visit to your home? They can even give you free fire alarms.

The firefighters gave the children some homework for their adults – check your child’s bag if you haven’t seen it!

For more information about fire safety you can visit the London Fire Brigade website:

This visit was also great link to our learning next half term about the Great Fire of London – look out for more updates next half term!

Year 2 become hat designers!

This week year 2 were set a task from the Queen herself (well, a cardboard cut-out of her!)

The Queen was looking for a new waterproof hat that she could wear during her royal visits across the country and decided that Australia and New Zealand class were the best bet for producing such a masterpiece.

Year 2 started their royal task by carefully designing and testing materials for their suitability,

It was then time to follow their designs to create a hat made for royalty.

Sadly, the Queen was not able to collect the hats in person from the Year 2 children at Thomas Buxton, but look how lovely they all turned out!


Year 2 become artists!

Black History Month

Year 2 began Black History Month by becoming artists to create African sunsets.

We started the day by going over the primary and secondary colours and created a colour wheel.

We then thought about “warm colours” and created an African sunset backwash on A3 paper.

Next, we explored the different trees and animals that can be found in Africa. We had a go at drawing them, focusing in on size.

After, we drew the trees and animals onto black sugar paper to create our silhouettes.

Finally, we decided on the position of the animals and trees to finish our art.

What do you think of our work?

Stay tuned to see our upcoming work on Mary Seacole!

A Banquet fit for a Queen!

On Thursday 28th September Australia and New Zealand classes were welcomed to a Royal Banquet hosted by the Royal Family (well, some cardboard cut outs of the Royal Family! Unfortunately their royal commitments meant they couldn’t join us…)

It was a grand occasion! The Year 2 children dressed to impress, and our surroundings were almost as impressive as the State Banqueting rooms which we visited last week at Buckingham Palace.

Food and drink a-plenty, the children had a wonderful time celebrating their learning about the Royal Family this term.

Year 2 visit Buckingham Palace

This half-term Year 2 are learning about the Royal Family.

We had a fantastic trip to Buckingham Palace on Wednesday 20th September (Australia class) and Thursday 21st September (New Zealand class) and had lots of fun!

We had the chance to explore the British monarchy from long ago, in particular Queen Victoria and Prince Albert.

We also had the opportunity to look at the role of Queen Elizabeth II and compared portraits of her from long ago to present day.

Another exciting part of our trip involved exploring artefacts from the Palace itself. We learned that many of the items in the Palace are covered in golden leaf to make them look like they are made out of gold.

Finally, we had the chance to become Kings and Queens ourselves!

Year 2 visiting our Business Partners

Year 2 had a fantastic trip to 20 Fenchurch Street, otherwise known as the Sky Garden.

As part of our work with the Business Partners from Markel International this year, we were lucky enough to be able to visit their offices this week. We were able to see what life is like working for the company and loved having a tour of the 3 floors they use as their office! Our favourite thing was getting to sit at desks and pretend that we were sending important e-mails! It inspired us to think about our future career and how we can prepare for that by being the best that we can be at school.

After a yummy lunch we took a trip to the top of the building and were amazed by the incredible view from the Sky Garden. We spotted some famous London landmarks, such as The London Eye, The Shard and Tower of London. We also spotted St Pauls Cathedral and remembered our work on The Great Fire of London!

Take a look at the pictures below to see some of the exciting activities that we did during the day.





KS1 at the Teddy Bears Hospital

As part of our PSHE development, year 1 and 2 were lucky enough to take a trip to the Teddy Bears Hospital. We learned all about living a healthy, balanced lifestyle and even got to use some of the Doctor’s equipment to do a check up on our teddy bears. Our favourite part was getting to explore inside an ambulance and a fire engine, especially when we got to switch on the siren!

Take a look at some of our pictures below.


Year 2 are Zoologists

During the Spring term year 2 have been looking at classifying animals in both science and computing. We’ve learnt lots about life cycles, food chains, habitats and adaptation.

As part of our ‘we are zoologists’ unit in computing, we visited the farm and took pictures of the animals. We used these animal pictures to create our own flow diagrams using the app Popplet.

Have a look at some examples of our work and some pictures of us enjoying the farm! If you haven’t already, come down to Key Stage 1 to see our amazing Popplet inspired display!