Pick and Mix – Autumn 2019

A big thank you to all of the children in Year 1 and Year 2 that contributed to this term’s “Pick and Mix” exhibition.

It was wonderful to see all of the hard work that the children completed at home.

Thank you to all of the parents / carers that also attended the event.

A big well done to Sabiha, Aairah and Yusuf from Year 1 for winning.

A big congratulations to Mihran, Zeeshan and Aila from Year 2 for winning.

The prize will be a science workshop to take place during December.#

Year 1 – Interfaith Week

As part of interfaith week Year 1 learned about what it means to belong to a faith community. At the start of the week we had a go at identifying all the different groups we belong to.

During the week we explored the core values of Islam, Christianity, Hinduism and Buddhism. We discussed similarities and differences and learned the importance of respecting all religions. To make our learning fun we designed our own Islamic prayer mats and created some vibrant rangoli patterns.

As part of our learning we also visited Christ Church in Spitalfields to learn more about the Christian faith.

Year 1 Seasons

In the second half of Autumn term we learnt about the changes that take place in the four seasons. We created a season’s wheel to describe the weather during each month. We also discussed other things associated with each season, e.g. Easter, daffodils, Hunukkah, Christmas, fireworks, leaves falling etc.

We then spoke about how weather changes daily and discussed how weather is different all over the world. The children thought of places where the weather might be different to the UK currently, e.g. countries in Asia and the Middle East.

What is your favourite season and why?

Year 1 Science Activities

We have been up to all sorts of exciting science activities in year 1!

We have been learning lots about Autumn and the seasonal changes we can spot all around us! We went and observed one of the trees in our playground and then sketched and labelled it. We were able to discuss: autumnal colour changes, leaves falling from the trees and changes in temperature.

We also went to the secret garden and went on a scavenger hunt, searching for signs of the season!

We have also been very fortunate to have hosted a bonfire party! We went to the secret garden equipped with story books, hot chocolate and tasty treats to learn more about fire and the outdoor environment!

Newton Class – Computing Week!

Newton Class have had a fantastic time learning to program and write scripts for bee-bots this term!

I’m sure you’re wondering what does making a jam sandwich have to do with coding? Well, we learnt the importance of giving clear and precise instructions to Miss Bolton’s robot (who had never made a jam sandwich before!) and the process of debugging a script to ensure that it ran smoothly.


After we’d learnt how to write a simple script and learnt the process of debugging we got started with our bee-bots!

We wrote simple scripts and tested each others! By the end of the week we were able to guide our bee-bots round various tracks and write relevant scripts as an aid.

Thailand’s Amazing Science Week!

During science week, we looked at the scientist Thomas Edison. He invented the very first electric lightbulb.

When Thomas Edison was little, he fell ill with scarlet fever. After that, he suffered from hearing problems. We also found out he had 7 siblings! Thomas Edison did not go to school like we do. Instead, he was home schooled by his Mum.

Before Thomas Edison became a scientist, he sold newspapers when he was a teenager.

What do you know about Thomas Edison?

Leave a comment below!

Computing and Science

In computing, we have been learning how to write a blog post.  This is so we can share some of the things we have been learning about in school.

Last week was Science Week.

We learned all about explorer Robert Scott and and how we tried to be the first to reach the South Pole.

Alexander Fleming discovered Penicillin by accident.

Hive products work over the internet from your smart phone

We learned how a bee hive works and what materials would be best for a spacesuit.