Day 2 at FairPlay House

Day 2 of our time at residential started with a drive to the beach for some crabbing!

Groups 1 and 2 collaborated to reel in approximately 80 crabs!

Groups 3 and 4 took part in navigating through claustrophobic caves and perfecting their aim in archery.





Watch this space for more photos of our activities to be added later this evening!

Year 6 at the Wallace Collection

Year 6 had the pleasure of visiting the Wallace Collection near Baker Street this week.  We were guided around the prestigious building and shown some awe-inspiring landscapes and seascapes.

At the end of our tour, we enjoyed taking some time to focus on and sketch our favourite pieces.

Here are some photos from our visit, enjoy!

 img_0844 img_0845 img_0851 img_0852 img_0860 img_1677 img_1686 img_1691 img_1698

Power Down Day!

Last week, the staff and pupils at TBPS rose to the challenge of a ‘Power Down‘ day as part of our Eco-Schools mission.

We made the most of the natural light and took our learning outside.

img_0823 img_0821

  img_0819  img_0817

We also considered and discussed ways to reduce our wastage and make the most of our school grounds.


As well as designing our ideal eco-friendly classrooms…

img_0526 img_0525

And taking part in active, healthy activities throughout the day:


Our active learning ensured our brains were switched on and the lights switched off!


What do you think we do well as an eco-friendly school?

What do you think we can do to continue to our Eco-Schools journey?