Thomas Buxton takes over Rich Mix!

On Friday 22nd November the Key Stage Two Eco-Ambassadors took part in the annual “Takeover Day” at Rich Mix.

It’s a day on which they are given meaningful roles, working alongside staff and volunteers to participate in the life of the arts organisation. The day involves pupils ‘taking over’ Rich Mix during the Into Film festival screening on 22 November, ripping tickets, ushering and serving popcorn. They’ll be finding out what happens in the mysterious projection booth, behind the screens at a cinema and write their own creative responses to the film. While they’re here, we’ll also ask them what they think about Rich Mix from a ‘kids-eye’ view, whilst taking a behind-the-scenes tour. The day provides opportunities for developing student leadership skills and industry knowledge.

Rich Mix
The day started by greeting all of the customers to Rich Mix.
Upon arrival the customers were greeted by “staff” to collect their cinema tickets.
Refreshments were handed out by “staff.”
The “staff” started the film in the projector room.
After customers had left, the “staff” had the opportunity to create their own film to be seen on the Big Screen.
The final result on the Big Screen!

After taking classes in marketing, advertising and making Rich Mix an eco-friendly environment, the “staff” finished their day at work and headed back to school!

The Eco-Ambassadors learned a lot from their day at Rich Mix and will use this knowledge to take part in this year’s film festival which will focus on green issues in Tower Hamlets.

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