Eco-Ambassadors 2018-2019

This year, Thomas Buxton Primary School will continue to work towards gaining the Silver Eco-Schools Award.

Each class took part in a democratic vote to nominate their Eco-School Ambassadors for the new academic year.

Here is the Eco-Committee for 2018-2019:

Year 1

Newton Zafir

Einstein Saffa

Year 2

Anning Adyan

Franklin Enaya

Year 3

Carson Fazzilet

Potter Maysoon

Year 4

Avicenna Tahrima

Aristotle Mika’il

Year 5

Heng Rafee

Turing Fatima

Year 6

Mendel Sami

Hawking Saarah

We continue to look forward to raising awareness of environmental issues and supporting our Rights Respecting Ambassadors to increase our impact as global citizens.

What changes do you think we can make as a school to be more eco-friendly?

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