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The Gingerbread Man

In Nursery we have been learning about the story of The Gingerbread Man. We made some Gingerbread men using salt dough and then we painted them. We also made some real Gingerbread men to eat. We had to mix all the ingredients together and then use a cutter to make the shape of the Gingerbread man. They were yummy!


Science Week

In Nursery we have been investigating eggs. We cooked scrambled eggs, boiled eggs and we made egg sandwiches. We also investigated whether eggs float or sink with salty and plain water. We were seeing how strong we were; we were trying to crack the eggs by squeezing them and even standing on them!

“It’s going to change into a chicken” Sue’ad

“It’s going by itself (spinning) because the inside bit is spinning” Ryhan

“It’s floating” Zahra

“I like eggs, I eat eggs at home” Riyaat

“It’s very, very strong” Tahsina



Shapes all around us

In Nursery we have been learning all about shapes. We have been on shape hunts around the school and in the playground.

We have been making shape pictures and talking about how many sides and how many corners the shapes have.

Which shapes can you find in your house? How can you describe them?