Should goats live on the farm?

We have been reading the book ‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff.’ This week in P4C we chose our own question to answer. We had the choice between ‘Should goats live on the farm?’ and ‘Are the goats happy in the farm?’

Most of us decided that goats should live on a farm! Here were our reasons why

‘Goats get fed on the farm everyday’

‘The goats have friends to play with at the farm’

‘People come and look at the goats at the farm and this would make them happy!’

‘They may not find any food if they lived in a forest and then they would die’

‘Goats are not very good swimmers so they couldn’t be near a river’

‘The goats wouldn’t have to go trip trapping over the bridge to find their own food if they were on the farm’

We are getting good at really thinking about our answers carefully and using our own thinking time well.



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