Can people live in the forest?

Last week in P4C we had a discussion about whether we thought that people could live in a Forest after reading the book ‘The Foggy, Foggy, Forest.’ We looked at this picture.

We had lots of ideas about why people could or could not live in a forest.

“We could live in the forest as long as you there was electricity and a bed”

“We could not live in a forest as there are animals that might eat you”

“We could live in a forest if we had camping equipment, a tent, a bed and some food”

“There are no shops so we can’t live in the Forest”

“We could drive to the shop and get everything we need for the rest of our lives and then go back to the forest”

“We could live there as we could eat all of the plants for dinner”

“You could pull all the leaves together in a tree to give you shelter in the rain and rocks for pillows and leaves for a soft bed”

“People can’t live in the Forest as there are no cars”

“People can’t live in the forest as there are no cushions and sofas”

We are very good at coming up with our own ideas and thinking hard about a question. Next week in P4C we are going to choose our own question to answer.

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