Who does the bridge belong to?

This week in literacy we have been learning the story of ‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff.’

In P4C we explored the question ‘Who does the bridge belong to?’ We talked about is it the Trolls bridge or the goats bridge? We had a brilliant discussion.

Here are some of our ideas.

‘The Troll did not pay for the bridge so it doesn’t belong to him’

‘The troll lives under the bridge and can see and hear who is there so it belongs to him’

‘It is for everyone to cross the river and it doesn’t belong to anyone’

‘It belongs to the Billy Goats Gruff as they need to cross it to eat the sweet green grass’

‘The troll doesn’t deserve the bridge as he isn’t a very nice troll!’

We are starting to learn to agree and disagree with each other and build on each others ideas. We love our P4C sessions.



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