Forest School Week 2

This week in Forest School we looked at how the Forest School area had changed from last week. We noticed that lots of leaves had fallen to the ground

‘All the leaves have gone brown and fallen down as they don’t have any food anymore. When they are green they have food’ said Amaana.

We picked up three of our favourite things we could find and talked about why we liked them.

‘I liked this leaf because it’s yellow on the front and brown on the back with spots’ said Ishaq.

We then went off on our own to explore and choose our own activities. This week we decided to go bug hunting again. We wanted to find a way to give the worms a home so we made a wormery. We enjoyed digging and filling the bottles with soil and putting the worms in. We are currently watching them in the classroom to see how they like their new home.

We then collected sticks to make a fire and had some hot chocolate.

Another fun filled week at Forest School.


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